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$120 / Full page illustration
Nikki Frances

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$100 / Full page illustration
Mina B

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$150 / Full page illustration
Cheng B
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Caroline - Self-published author

"Thank you so much to Julian from Kindrling, for introducing me to Nikki Frances. Nikki has done a fantastic job of Illustrating my children’s book. ‘Where’s Grandpa’. Nikki went above the call of duty to help me get my book published. The little extras that she added brilliant. I’d recommend Nikki Frances, I cant thank her enough"

Helmut - Illustrator

"The new Kindrling platform is a great way to connect with experienced children's illustrators and I enjoy being a part of it!"

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Rebecca - Illustrator

"I have been really impressed by the design and functionality of Kindrling since I became a user a couple of months ago. The layout is clean and simple to navigate, listings are easy to create and display and I have already had a paid job complete with a great new client, which was very successful"

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We currently charge 7% of the transaction fee which is automatically deducted from the illustrator when a transaction is completed.

Payment process

One of Kindrling's main benefits is that we streamline the payment process. With Kindrling, illustrators do not have to redirect a client (authors) to a separate payment system or invoicing process. All payments are secured and the payments are PCI-compliant. Our payment partners, PayPal and Stripe, are one of the most trusted platforms out there.


Illustrators are encouraged to ask authors to make partial/incremental payments. Illustrators have full control over their pricing settings. They can adjust the pricing on their listing to reflect the incremental payment both parties have agreed on. Example: The listing price is 250$, but the parties agreed on 100$ (40% of the Total), so the illustrator will adjust the listing price to that (incremental) amount. After this the payment process can be initiated (secured by PayPal and/or Stripe).

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