Michelle V

Hi I'm Michelle, I was Born and Raised in the city of Chicago. My Favorite areas of Illustration are Graphic Novel and Book Illustration, but I am knowledgeable in other areas as well. I have done murals and participated in art shows.

Deep within the concrete jungle of the city of Chicago lives an Illustrator named Michelle, who loves to create magical fantasy realms with just a stroke of her pencil. Her first creations were stapled picture books with lively stick figures with such classics as the Hair Cut and Cave Bats. In this multiverse of worlds she creates, live a vitality of diverse characters and unique environments and history, each with their own hopes, dreams, and challenges. Michelle crafts each story with dedicated research to rekindle the feeling of childlike wonder with hints of mature undertones that cannot help but envelope the reader into its pages.

I'm here as a/an:
Art Director
Author (self-publ.)
Artist profile (e.g. Behance, Instagram): https://www.behance.net/DrawingDame

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