LiQi T

Hello! :)

My name is LiQi Ten pronounced “Lee Chee”, I am a Malaysian children’s book illustrator based in Las Vegas, United States, specialized in children’s books, food and animal illustration. I graduated with a concentration in Children’s Books at the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design (RMCAD), Colorado.

My work focuses on combining cute, happy, and colorful characters in beautiful nature inspired environment. I enjoy telling stories to children of a world full of imagination.

The reason that I want to draw for children is because they are the purest among people. They love to see colors and beautiful things. While mostly creating art geared for children, adults will find enjoyment in it too, reminiscing on a colorful and happy world that they have forgotten.

I'm here as a/an:
Art Director
Author (self-publ.)
About my services: Children's Books (including Cover Illustration), Animal Illustration, Pet Portrait, Food Illustration, Typography
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