Kylie B

As a kid, drawing was my escape. It still is. It brings me joy.
It's a place where anything goes, it doesn't have to make sense or be literal. It should spark joy, bring a smile.

Starting my career as an apprenticeship in Graphic Reproduction, concentrating on colour correcting and photo editing, using Photoshop, then moving into graphic design and finished art. Fast forward 15 years and the birth of my first son, unable to find art for his nursery, I made my own. My online business began. I created canvases by combining hand painting and hand-cut scrapbooking paper elements. They had layers and levels and, most importantly, bought me so much joy. I did it for years, but after a while, I wanted to do more with them. I started creating them digitally, using digital scrapbook paper to give them the texture and using drop shadows to obtain the same layered feeling my canvases had. Now I could do more with my art! I started to create custom artworks, I had a waiting list and a smile that never left.
I joined online groups to learn new techniques, being part of Skillshare opened up with skills set and gave me the confidence to enter a drawing group online. Run by professional illustrators, it fuelled my life long dream of being an illustrator, always choosing the safer job options when given two, now was time for me to follow my heart. The group opened many doors for me, including winning competitions, Book Giving Day, Spencil Stationary & coming second in a public vote for a book illustrating job. It was then I knew I wanted this. So I went for it. I really concentrated on creating a folio, made contact with publishing companies, an author made contact. I illustrated my first book :) The next four that followed didn't make it to get published, but it didn't stop me from doing it again!
By now, my second son was about to start school, and it was time for me to head back to work. The illustrating was put on hold while I got back into the swing of being a working mum. Fast forward another 5 years. I still felt the want to illustrate, so I started drawing again, another competition crossed my path, although I wasn't the winner the publisher did make contact, he enjoyed my style, one he hadn't seen before. He would make contact when the right manuscript came. I never heard back, but it didn't stop me. I started making a presence again, joining online groups, entering comps, showing examples…. I never gave up.

With 28 years experience covering, illustrating, graphic design and finished art, I create the whole book, laying out the spreads, the text is part of the art and is just as important as the images. It helps tells the story.

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About my services: Digital Illustrator/Graphic Designer/ Finished Artist

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