Oma and Opa’s song - hope in lockdown

I was looking at exploring putting a song I wrote into a kids story book, especially given the current environment of lockdown/isolation.

See the background here

Let me know what you think. I've written a second verse thinking of the lockdown in the Melbourne towers. But need to see if it's too long/not long enough.

I would like to crowd fund and be able to offer a donation to the Arts community who are doing it rough.

I'm a complete novice at children's books so forgive my ignorance. I learn quickly.

The style I want is watercolour/ Australian tones, whimsical. I’d like to bring together some of the key images from this time and have a book I can give my mum, who we’re missing once more now that we’re in lockdown again.

Hoping for someone who gets it and feels for the project the way I do.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Illustration needed for : entire book
Style or illustration (e.g. water colour, cartoon, whimsical etc.): Whimsical watercolour
subject of book: Grandparents separated from grandchildren during isolation
Project timeline: As short as possible