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I work as a children's book illustrator - full time job for 7 years now. Since the begginig of this adventure, I illustrated books for more than 10 publishing houses, classic books as Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Red Ridinghood and many more, for them I've also worked on educational materials as alphabet cards. I've also worked with many authors on awsome projects, many of them won many awards and ranked up in indie book lists.

Most of my previous books are illustrated digitally, but last two years I preffer working with watercolour, because I find that it brings uniqueness and magic to the images.

For all these years of work I believe my art can illuminate every story and bring the magic of it to the little readers.

I'm here as a/an:
Art Director
Author (self-publ.)
About my services: I'm Mateya Arkova - Bachlor in Book Publishing ( Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski) and Master of Arts (M.A),Graphic Design in New Bulgarian University. Five years ago I entered the advertising business as a Visual Artist, one year later I reached the decision that I want to pursue my dream to illustrate children's books. Since then that is my profession and every new day my excitement for it grows stronger, as I see how endless the worlds of children's imagination could be, hidden between the spreads of a book. My characters are often clumsy, dreamy or thoughtful looking. When illustrating them I tend to imagine the story before the real one they are part of.For example how they will look like or behave in a local pastry shop. This way I kind of get to know them better. During the years I loved the mysterious feel of watercolors, but I also like to use dynamic, lively lines. So in the end, depending from the story I illustrate for- I draw with watercolor media or digital one, after I make my sketches traditionally.
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