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Rhianna and I recently created a children's book together.

I truly enjoy the way we were communicating and the confidence to express our ideas to create something valuable together.

She is a professional and talented author.

Our book was a kid's poem and she just created an amazing poem.

I also appreciate her patience with the process.

She is the kind of author with her own vision about the work so if you feel lost, she can make the work easy by guiding you in a positive way.

As an illustrator, you're going to enjoy working with her!

I highly recommend her!

I'm in the middle of a lovely project with Rhianna.

I think our collaboration is working great.

She is supporting and all available and that's help so much.

Also, I consider her an open-minded person and that makes me feel free to speak about my ideas.

Hope to create a lovely book with her :)