I will create all illustrations for a 32-pages book, including co

Thanks for checking out my work and giving me the opportunity to propose my artwork skills for your book illustrations!

As a former elementary art teacher in a school where 22 different countries were represented, I used literacy in every one of my classes so I’ve read a lot of children’s books. As a parent I use a lot of what I remember my children enjoy and the voice behind the characters. Also, I am well aware of age appropriate images and I love making detailed illustrations with a little bit of humor that keep the reader no matter the age, always finding something new each time they reread the book.

I would enjoy bringing your story and vision to life with my art.

I work in traditional media. The images are carefully scanned, digitized and perfected before creating final files. I am highly skilled with Adobe CC so you will have a high quality deliverable. Graphic design and book layout is part of my graphic design background.

My Process Working with You:

Do you have particular characters or a look in mind? How about a mood board? Or Pinterest? You also provide me with the brief with your pagination already roughed out.

  1. Delivery of rough sketches in pencil.
  2. Feedback from Author. This should include details of issues; likes/dislikes but as much information as possible. This can include redrawing, or creating a new concept from the brief.
  3. Revised sketches from Illustrator with more refined sketches in pencil.
  4. Feedback and minor revisions on the sketches from Author. Minor changes include expressions, proportion, emphasis of a feature, shadows.
  5. Delivery of pencil sketches from Illustrator.
  6. Approval of sketches from Author
  7. Delivery of actual artwork from Illustrator. These will be in medium initially agreed upon as I work in watercolors and cut paper.
  8. Feedback on artwork from the Author.
  9. Delivery of revised artwork from Illustrator.
  10. Final feedback from the Author.
  11. Delivery of final artwork in high digital format.

Book Design and Cover:
1. Cover design sketches for approval
2. Revision to cover and final notes
3. Finished cover ready to be used with book.

Taking the approved artwork and finished text of your book, we can discuss feel and look as a team and once we're set on this, I will lay out the book and deliver to you a ready to publish file.

As you can see above, there are 3 revisions of book illustrations and 1 revision of cover included all before final artwork is delivered to you. Any more revisions beyond these stated above is an additional 25.00 per page change.

Delivery date is a rough estimate since response times from you the author may require adjusting but plan on 3 months to complete your book project.

I consider us a team so the above can be personalized for your individual needs but demonstrates an idea of how the process will go. Ask any questions!

I love what I do and want the best work for you!

I work internationally so please do not hesitate to contact me wherever you live:)

Listing type: Illustration Package
The above price depicts a "Price From..." range. The final price depends on the complexity of the project. Let's chat about it!:
Price depends on complexity of project
Service Type:
Graphic Design
Cover Design
Delivery time (How long does it take to finish the order): 3 months estimate
Number of revisions: 3
Commercial Use: Yes
High Resolution (Image Quality): Yes