Book Cover

I can illustrate your bookcover!
As a studied and published Illustrator I can create a bookcover that will catch the attention of the buyer and fits your book perfectly.

You finished writing your book and proofreading? Great! Now is the perfect time to create a bookcover that catches attention.
Let me introduce my working process to you:

First we talk (or write) about your book.
Do you already have something in mind for the cover? Perfect! You tell me everything you imagine your bookcover to be.
You don't know yet how it should look like? No problem! Let's brainstorm ideas together, I can guide you through.
As soon as the base idea for the illustration is collected, I will start sketching:

Illustration Steps
1. Pencil sketch: A rough pencil sketch for page composition, designed to get a feel for what the author and illustrator are thinking. This is a good opportunity for the author to make comments (1.revision).
2. Refined pencil sketch: A detailed pencil sketch including rough coloring for color composition purpose. Another opportunity here for the author to make comments (2.revision).
3. Finished Illustration: The illustration is now completed and needs appoval.
4. Font and Text: Selecting the font and the typesetting for the front and back oft the book. This will be the last opportunity for the author to make a comment (3.revision for font and typesetting only).
5. Final Step: A high-resolution bookcover in digital form.

Project Scope & Copyright
You will get the commercial use right to use the bookcover for a printed book and ebook. If you also want to use the illustration for a different purpose, you can buy the needed rights additionally, this is possible later on as well.

Project Payment
1. 30% Deposit to begin the project.
2. 70% Balance on delivery of final bookcover
All of these details will be provided in a contract.

A bookcover usually takes at least 3-4 weeks to complete.
This time frame depends heavily on the communication between author and illustrator. I look forward to working with you to create your perfect bookcover.

I am happy to chat more about the process, if anything is unclear feel free to reach out to me anytime if you have further questions.

For more examples visit:

Listing type: Book Cover
The above price depicts a "Price From..." range. The final price depends on the complexity of the project. Let's chat about it!:
Price depends on complexity of project
Service Type:
Graphic Design
Cover Design
Delivery time (How long does it take to finish the order): 3-4 weeks
Number of revisions: 3
Commercial Use: Yes
High Resolution (Image Quality): Yes