Children's Book Cover (Illustration & Design)

These illustration examples are from real books i have worked (Self-authors and publishing houses). Here is how it works:

  1. You need to provide me:
  • Story/thoughts you want to communicate; if you have an idea, concept or sketch, that is very helpful.
  • Concept: This means if you book only want to have emphasis in typography or illustration.
  • Size, profile color (digital or printed edition); this is important, because printed edition needs more size (blend).
  • A resume of your story
  1. With all information i proceed to do a sketch, you have only 2 revisions.

  2. Once approved sketch, i continue to apply color (if its a Black & White cover, the same)

  3. I will send you a low resolution-preview with watermark (This is you see your name or nick name, title of the book, logo orientation, etc). You have 1 revision for this.

  4. If everything is ok, i will send you a PDF High resolution or JPG.

Note: For; full back cover and spine i will ask you +100 USD.

If you have more questions, feel free to message me!

More of my work on:

Listing type: Book Cover
The above price depicts a "Price From..." range. The final price depends on the complexity of the project. Let's chat about it!:
Price depends on complexity of project
Service Type:
Graphic Design
Cover Design
Delivery time (How long does it take to finish the order): 2 weeks
Number of revisions: 2
Commercial Use: Yes
High Resolution (Image Quality): Yes