Hello, my name is Cimi. I have been an independant illustrator for 5 years now. For me, the world of children is the best colorful thing, and a good book is the wonderful ways to teaching and growing with them. So i always hoping i can convey the meaningful messages of life to all childrens around the word through my illustrations

In terms of personal style, i chose a little cartoon style after considering and studying carefully. Perhaps the charaters of Walt Disney is a part of my childhood. Beside that, i can stylize more simple, funny, active characters with the cartoon style. I think it will catch children's eyes and make great impression in their memory in reading. About the mediums to tranfer my idea in reality, I can use original mediums like: watercolor, gouache, pencil... and also digital mediums.

You can see more my artwork at this site:

or follow my insta if you are interested in:

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