Full Page Illustration

Hi! My name is Gosia and I am a London based illustrator with a passion for children's books.

If you decide to work with me, my usual working routine looks like this:

  1. A client sends me a brief and we talk together about their vision through email. We discuss the atmosphere they want to incorporate, the colour palette they have in mind and any specific details they want to include. 2.Then I combine the ideas together and create a rough sketch. We discuss it, whenever there is a need I make adjustments.
  2. Next I proceed to roughly colour in the sketch and send it off to the client. We discuss the colour palette and the mood it creates to make sure that the client is happy.
  3. I finish the illustration in detail and send them to the client.

I will send the illustration as a PDF and a PNG.

I'm looking forward to bringing your stories to life!

Service Type:
Cover Design
Graphic Design
Delivery time (How long does it take to finish the order): 4 days- 2 weeks per illustration (depending on the level of detail)
Number of revisions: 2
Commercial Use: Yes
High Resolution (Image Quality): Yes